WMF 2014

Milano, Italy 1-2 July 2014 


The Way Forward to Prosperity through

Global Manufacturing Collaboration

“The Way Forward to Prosperity through Global Manufacturing Collaboration” was the title of the WMF 2014 that took place in Milan on 1-2 July, 2014, in presence of 424 participants, representing 48 countries.

The two-day meeting and discussion was held at Palazzo Mezzanotte, seat of the Italian Stock Exchange. The event, organized by Politecnico di Milano and IMS - Intelligent Manufacturing System, under the guidance of the European Commission and coordinated by its Scientific Chairman Professor Marco Taisch, was the occasion to reflect on the mega trends that will drive the next 20/30 years’ business models in the world of industrial production.


Relevant issues on the agenda were: global policies, the role of human capital in the company, venture capitals and all issues related to the standardization of processes and the management and protection of intellectual property.

Experts in each topic joined the speakers' table, including top managers of highly influential companies, such as ABB, Boeing, Comau, Dassault Systèmes, Kuka, McKinsey, Samsung, Siemens, and Whirlpool and representatives of the European Commission.


Eight sessions animated the two days of work. Among the hot topics of the conference, the invited speakers stimulated debate on the need to activate a process of re-shoring that can save local economies. It will be crucial, in fact, to enable companies to go back to home countries after long periods of delocalization due to the pressures of globalization. At the same time, it will be indispensable to spur investments, facilitating the development of new industrial ecosystems in the field of robotics, microelectronics and nanotechnology.


Moreover, this edition of the Forum has been the right moment to further discuss the creation of a cooperative global environment for sustainable innovation, game changing key technologies and the development of common platforms for standards and interoperability, securing essential data in a connected world.