WMF 2014 | VENUE


It was named after Paolo Mezzanotte, the architect who designed and supervised the construction of the building. Until the end of the 1980s the ground level of the building housed the trading floor with the pits where the brokers used to trade stocks by open outcry. In the 1990s however, the Italian Exchange market began to undergo a radical change as the whole trading process became electronic.

The trading of the first five stocks on the new screen-based system was the beginning of a transformation that would soon lead to the end of the traditional open outcry method of trading.


At the end of the same decade, the Palazzo Mezzanotte building underwent renovation. From February 1993 it was the headquarters of the Consiglio di Borsa (Exchange Council) and, subsequently, from December 1997, it became the headquarters of Borsa Italiana Spa, the private company that today manages the Italian stock market. The WMF2014 will be held in the Parterre hall, the area where open outcry trading once took place.