President & CEO, Macrolynk

Saul Haro is President & CEO of MACROLYNK, prior to MACROLYNK; Saul managed supply chain and import/export operations for Mabe (GE Appliance Company) and Valeo Wiper Systems. Seeing that his people where spending far too much time doing manual record keeping, he started to explore ways to automate the process. By the mid 90's he had the first generation technology of what would become the SAI-NET Suite ready to take to market. Since founding his first company LCI in 1996, Saul has focused his energies on running the company, expanding the product line, and after many years of research and development Saul launched a new generation software and company named MACROLYNK in 2014 at the ATI Technology Incubator and in the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program in Austin Texas.


MACROLYNK became the first Supply Chain Collaboration platform with Social Networking Architecture in the world that identifies problems as they happen and provides a collaborative social networking interface to bring the right people together to quickly and cost effectively resolve the problems in highly complex Manufacturing Ecosystems like the Auto industry in North America, The result is a faster, smoother flowing supply chain.


In September 2015 Saul was named the Entrepreneur of the year by CNN Expansion magazine.

Saul is a frequent speaker and lecturer on Supply Chain Management and Global Trade Automation, holds a bachelor's degree in International Business from UASLP and lives in Austin, Texas & San Luis Potosi, Mexico.