Deputy Director-General for Research & Innovation, European Commission

Since 2010 Deputy Director-General for Research & Innovation at the European Commission, responsible for the Research Programmes, he is currently Acting Director for Directorate D – Industrial Technologies of DG RTD as of 1 February 2016.  He is Commission representative in the Governing Boards of most Joint Technology Initiatives of the EU with different industrial sectors and serves as the European Co-Chair of the Executive Committee of the International Group for Earth Observation (GEO).

After studies of Law and Economics, he joined the Bavarian Liaison Office to the Federal Government in Bonn and established the Bavarian Information Office in Brussels. Working in the EU-Commission since 1987, he was inter-alia serving in the Cabinets of President Prodi, Commissioners Schmidhuber, Fischler (Dep. HoCab) and Reding (HoCab).