Principal Research Programme Officer, DG Research & Innovation,
European Commission

Senior Programme Official of the European Commission in Directorate "Industrial Technologies" within DG Research & Innovation (NMP programme - Nanotechnology, Materials and Production Technologies).


In charge of: Evaluation, negotiation and follow up of RTD projects on the Consumer Goods manufacturing sectors (Textile/Clothing, Footwear, Sporting Goods, Furniture, etc.) as well as other ones, such as automotive, mechanics, construction. 


EU Regional Secretariat (NMP programme) of IMS an International Cooperation scheme on Manufacturing RTD issues at global level.

Joint Working Group between the three European Technology Platforms of Footwear, Textile/Clothing and Sporting Goods on the "Consumer Goods" thematic area


ETP on the Footwear sector launched in June 2006

Sporting Goods Working Group launched in March 2008

MANUFUTURE National Platforms in IT, PT and CH