Contribute to the 2019 World Manufacturing Forum Report by submitting your initiatives on skills for future manufacturing!

10 Initiatives will be selected and featured prominently in a dedicated section of the 2019 WMF Report

The World Manufacturing Forum (WMF) is an open platform that aims to enhance and spread industrial culture worldwide, as a means to ensure economic equity and sustainable development. The WMF Annual Meeting, held in Cernobbio Italy, is an international and invitation-only event that brings together the most influential manufacturing stakeholders (global policy experts, industrial leaders, academic and research innovators) to discuss the most important challenges and trends in the manufacturing sector. In 2018, over 800 participants and speakers coming from more than 40 different countries attended the Annual Meeting.

During the 2018 Annual Meeting, the first WMF Report was also presented which outlined WMF’s vision of future manufacturing and contained 10 key recommendations to help governments and industries prioritize key actions that promote future societal prosperity and sustainable development. Since its first publication, the report has been downloaded over 10,000 times and more than a thousand printed versions have been circulated globally, thanks to WMF’s strong network of partners and regional ambassadors.

The 2019 WMF Report will focus on one of last year’s key recommendations: Promote Education and Skills Development for Societal Well-being, and will outline the different skills required for future manufacturing and the different initiatives to promote a productive and skilled workforce.

In line with this theme, the WMF will engage different manufacturing stakeholders to contribute their most promising and innovative initiatives to develop skills for future manufacturing to be featured in the 2019 WMF Annual Report. Being featured in the report will increase your company or organization’s visibility while providing readers with interesting insights on the best practices to support skills development.

The selected organization and the corresponding initiative will be:

  • Featured as a case study in a prominent section in the 2019 WMF Annual Report

  • Receive a special mention during the 2019 WMF Annual Meeting

In addition, the selected organizations will be invited to the prestigious and invitation-only 2019 WMF Annual Meeting.


The submitted initiative must focus on developing the skills needed for future manufacturing and may contain one or a combination of the following elements:

  1. Reskilling current workers through employee education and training

  2. Educating future workforce through schooling or industry-academe collaboration

  3. Upskilling displaced workers (incl. old workers)

  4. Other industry, government, and NGO led initiatives to skills development


All submissions will be reviewed by the WMF Editorial Board, which will then select ten outstanding initiatives to be featured in the 2019 WMF Report.


All submissions will be reviewed by the WMF Editorial Board, which will then select ten outstanding initiatives to be featured in the 2019 WMF Report. 


The deadline for submissions will be on the 30th of June 2019.

For further information about the call please contact: