Manufacturing Summit 2017

Cernobbio, Italy 7-8 June 2017


Manufacturing 4.0: The Key Drivers Enabling

Competitiveness and Societal Prosperity

The Manufacturing Summit 2017, organized by Politecnico di Milano and Confindustria Lombardia in Cernobbio on 7-8 June, 2017, was an intermediate event, complementary to the World Manufacturing Forum. This marked the launch of the WMF Foundation.


During the event, titled “Manufacturing 4.0: The Key Drivers Enabling Competitiveness and Societal Prosperity”, two different sessions presented to global stakeholders the opportunities of Industry 4.0, such as the re-shoring of companies bringing jobs back and the new skills and competences the workers are required to obtain in the era of digitalization.


Considering that, over the next decades, it is expected that the manufacturing industry is going to face technological, environmental, economic and social brand-new challenges, manufacturing 4.0 is the choice to embrace in order to address them.  

The fourth industrial revolution promises to reshape the way manufacturing is seen and can be a decisive factor in guaranteeing a prosperous society.


Finally, establishing the WMF as a permanent institution will make it possible to develop an annual WMF Report that will present the recommendations to overcome manufacturing issues and to take relevant strategic choices for all the involved stakeholders and policy makers. The WMF Report will be published with the support of policy experts and will address the hot topics related to the relevant changes impacting the future of manufacturing.