Executive Director of Export Projects, Exports Promotion Unit, ProMéxico, Mexico


Manuel Sandoval Rios is the Director of Export Projects in ProMexico, the Mexican Agency for International  Business  Development. In this position he leads the Mexican strategy for core sectors  internationalization and the development of internationally competitive clusters in the country.


Formerly, as Executive Director of Prospective Analysis and Innovation at ProMéxico, the Business Intelligence Unit has been successful in implementing the use of technological roadmapping which has been instrumental to boost the aerospace and advanced manufacturing sectors, resulting in the development of competitive clusters and the establishment of operations of a number of important players in the country like Audi, Bombardier, Honeywell among others.


Born in Mexico City, Manuel Sandoval Ríos has earned a Master of Science degree in Manufacturing Systems and Science of Materials at Monterrey Tech Institute and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Monterrey Tech Institute. In 1998 he received the most important academic award from the president of the Universidad del Valle de Mexico for his work in research and academy.


Before joining ProMéxico, Manuel Sandoval was CEO of TechBA Montreal; Dean of the School of Engineering and Techno Sciences, Corporate Markets Director at Universidad del Valle de México and Founder and CEO of Tecnoeje. Under his management at Tecnoeje, an agreement was signed with the United States and Mexican governments to develop the NAFTA High Tech Community, now named the Mexico-US Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consortium (MUSEIC).


Inspired by the synergy of technology and digital production he saw in Montreal, Canada during his tenure as head of TechBA, Mr. Sandoval introduced the concept that eventually led to the development of the Creative Digital City (CCD) project, a hub for digital media production and prototype for cities of the future. CCD will be built in the centre of Guadalajara and it will be designed to become a prototype for the cities of the future in Mexico.