Chief Strategy for technological attention of the automotive industry and Manufacturing,National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the Autonomous University of Mexico and Master of Science in Marketing Science and Technology in the Joint Program in Austin Technological University and the Center for Research in Advanced Materials.

He has conducted several studies of specialization and graduates in quality issues, strategic planning, innovation, technological development and administration of research and development institutions.

He has over 35 years of experience in technological development and innovation. For 10 years he headed the technology group Whirlpool gas stoves industrial group. In his first experience in the National Council of Science and Technology it enabled him to implement stimulus programs to industrial innovation and the generation of technology-based companies.

Additionally, he had the responsibility to lead the establishment of technical assistance programs in several public research centers of the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT), highlighting their participation in the promotion and establishment of a new institution of its kind in the city ​​of Queretaro. He was Director General of the Center for Applied Innovation in Competitive Technologies, and was commissioned as Chairman of the Advisory Council of Public Research Centers CONACYT.

later serving as Deputy Director of Technological Development and Innovation in the CONACYT designing, establishing and operating public policies for integration and strengthening the national innovation ecosystem and boosting investment in Research, Development and Innovation National.

Currently, he serves as Chief Strategy for technological attention of the automotive industry and Manufacturing in the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico.