Evangelizing the digital revolution at Bosch, Lokesh Payik is the Chief of Business for Connected Industry ( Famously known as Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT ) for emerging markets. He is responsible for establishing and scaling up the business in India, Mexico, Turkey , South Africa and ASEAN countries. Lokesh has been instrumental in setting up the business leveraging Bosch competencies in IoT technologies, augmented reality, product development & user experience and now scaling up with customer centricity and a high performing team. Leveraging the proven manufacturing and technology know-how of Bosch from the developed economies, his team translates futuristic vision into digitalization initiatives for the emergent context. Lokesh has over a decade of proven track record in managing and scaling up business; playing with new age technologies like Internet Of Things & Services, Augmented Reality and User Experience to name a few. A strong proponent of the “People at the Centre” philosophy, Lokesh prides in bringing together “dynamic teams of intent and action” comprising of millennials and the vastly experienced. Lokesh is a bachelor of technology from BVB College of Engineering - India  and holds a masters in business administration from La Trobe University, Australia.

Chief of Business - Industry 4.0

Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Lokesh Payik