Italy and Vatican correspondent of The Economist and a contributing editor of the Guardian.

John Hooper is the Italy and Vatican correspondent of The Economist and a contributing editor of the Guardian. He has been a foreign correspondent for more than 30 years, reporting from over 50 countries.

Hooper was the Guardian’s correspondent in Madrid during Spain’s transition from dictatorship to democracy and subsequently its Energy and Trade correspondent, based in London. He has twice worked for the BBC, latterly as a presenter of its World Service programme, Twenty Four Hours.

Over the course of his long career in journalism, Hooper has covered several wars including the conflict in Kosovo. He was in Afghanistan in 2001 and reported on the Battle of Tora Bora and the search for Osama bin Laden.

His book, The Spaniards: A portrait of the new Spain, won the 1987 Allen Lane award for a best first work of history or literature. He later published two expanded and revised versions under the title of The New Spaniards. His latest book, The Italians, published last year by Penguin in the UK and Viking in the US, has appeared in bestseller lists on both sides of the Atlantic.