Joaquim Minguella-Canela

Director de Learning and Technology de la Fundación CIM
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

PhD in Industrial Engineering by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), International Diploma in Management by the Imperial College London (U.K.) and Unitech fellow by the Unitech International Unitech Alumni Association (C.H.). He has worked in different companies in the areas of Product Development and Manufacturing in countries like France or England. Currently, he is the Academic Director and R&D Director of Fundació CIM, where he heads the Areas of Training, Projects and Technical Office. Furthermore, he is the Director of the Master on Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering and holds an Associated Professorship on Manufacturing, Machines and Transportation Systems at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the UPC.

He participates in Networks and Associations in the fields of mechanics and the manufacture such as SIF, MANU-KET, AM Platform, EFFRA, IMS and, in particular, XaRTAP, where he acts as coordinator of the Managing Entity. He has taught seminars on Product Development and Innovation in companies from countries such as Mexico. In the spring of 2014, he participated as delegate of the initiative RepRapBCN in the "Global Industry Challenge - W2NYC" being designated by the New York City Economic Development Center as one of the 10 initiatives with higher potential globally regarding Advanced manufacturing. His research fields focus in the design, materialisation and use of 3D printing systems in the broader supply chain; especially for biomedical and food industries. Related to this, Fundació CIM was awarded in 2015 the "Manel Xifra i Boada" trophy of the School of Engineers in Girona to the Applied Research Group/Technology Centre as a recognition to its research work regarding Computer Integrated Manufacturing.