Giorgio Graziola

Partner, Clarex
Giorgio Graziola.png

Giorgio was born in Brescia in 1973. He graduated with honors in Management Engineering at University of Brescia and began his career as a consultant at Arthur Andersen, dealing with consulting and business organization and learning advanced Project Management techniques. Later he moved to a SAP VAR company, based in Brescia, holding the position of SAP application consultant. He focused on supply chain management processes and gained experience not only in ERP, but also in advanced APS systems. His professional growth continued by taking on the role of Logistics Manager for an important industrial group, where he was responsible for reorganizing the logistics flows in Italian and foreign plant. He is Partner and Founder of Regesta, where he summarizes the previous experiences, combining the skills in the logistic processes with the issues of Project Management, both in local projects and in international roll-outs.