President, CECIMO
Managing director, Cesare Galdabini S.P.A.

Luigi Galdabini is, since 1990, the managing director of Cesare Galdabini S.P.A., a company with headquarters in Cardano al Campo (VA), leader in the manufacturing of metal forming technology machine tools and machine testing equipment. The company has now reached its fourth generation, and has been an associate member of UCIMU‐SISTEMI PER PRODURRE since 1948. In June 2012, Mr. Galdabini was elected president by the Assembly of this association. He is also president of CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries. He is chairman of AITA (Associazione Italiana Tecnologie Additive), the association involved in the field of additive manufacturing. He is vice president of UNIVA, Associazione degli Industriali della Provincia di Varese, and member of the General Council of Confindustria. Mr. Luigi Galdabini has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan.