Produktion2030 is a Swedish innovation programme for the manufacturing industry in Sweden. Our vision is that Swedish manufacturing industry will be leading in sustainable production in 2030. Produktion2030 aims to increase competitiveness through strengthening digitization and sustainability in the Swedish manufacturing sector towards 2030. Produktion2030 invests in a wide array of instruments e.g. innovation projects, higher education in advanced production and engineering, dissemination of results to SME:s, international analysis and collaborations and testbeds to accelerate technology innovation and new market breakthroughs. Produktion2030 started in 2013 and has a long term commitment from government and industry. 50 large innovation projects have been launched, 140 PhD.s are enrolled and Produktion2030 has been involved in more than 200 seminars, conferences.

Produktion2030 is financed through a private-public partnership model: 50% of the funding comes from the government and 50% comes from Swedish industry.

Program Director,

Produktion 2030, Sweden

Cecilia Warrol