Ramponi S.r.l., CEO

I am Alfredo Ramponi, I just turned 54 and I am the CEO of the company Ramponi Srl, based in Carbonate – Como.

The company was born in 1988 thanks to my passion for minerals. The first headquarter was located in the basement of my parents’ house. In those years our core business was reproducing precious stones and their cut by using noble plastic. Right from the start our manufacture captivated fashion world’s operators: from clothing, footwear and leather goods to cosmetics, house furniture and car accessories.

By the years we got more and more skilled and accurate and our gemstones gradually obtained the consent of high-level operators. In 2006 the turning point: we decided to produce plastic and ABS studs, galvanized or painted, similar to the metallic ones. Plastic studs had and do have a considerable advantage: they are very lightweight and easy to apply. Thanks to this innovative technique, Ramponi® made its way between the world’s finest fashion houses. Consequently the company became the world leader in fashion industry, counting partnerships with the ten most internationally-established maisons.

Ramponi Srl is currently counting a R&S office, a technical office and a production area with the latest technologies to satisfy customers’ needs in the best way. The company covers a surface of 4500 square meters and provides employment for 100 workers.

I am a resourceful entrepreneur and I firmly believe in my own skills and in the talent of my co-workers. We are connected by a common theme: the passion for our job.