> Socially Sustainable Manufacturing Ecosystems Workshop

Socially Sustainable Manufacturing Ecosystems - SO SMART


30 June 2014

12.30 pm – 6.15 pm


Organizers: Politecnico di Milano & Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

You are given the opportunity to shape the manufacturing and society by providing us with your point of views on which means we should use to take care of our common future.

We analyse the state of play of social sustainability and elaborate possible new emerging scenarios, and in doing so we will take into account broad societal and technological trends, industrial and stakeholders’ demands, business aspects, and ethical and legal considerations.

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> Terrific Workshop

"Integrated modelling, simulation and information management system"


30 June 2014

10:30 am – 6.00 pm


Organizers: Jotne, Siemens, Sintef, TopSolid, Universita` di Pavia.

The TERRIFIC project aims at significant improvement of the interoperability of computational tools for the design, analysis and optimization of functional products. An ISOGEOMETRIC approach is applied for selected manufacturing application areas (cars, trains, aircrafts) and for computer-aided machining. 

Organised by Jotne, Siemens, Sintef, TopSolid and Univeristy of Pavia, the Workshop will present the outcomes of TERRIFIC. In addtion, a clustering event with other projects from Factories of the Future is planned.

The Workshop participation is free, but the registration, available here, is mandatory.

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> GALA/ManuSkills & LACE Workshop

“Innovating Manufacturing Education, Workplace Training & Performance Support”​


3th July 2014

9.00 am – 4.00 pm


Organizers: Politecnico di Milano, Sintef & sedApta Group

A renaissance is underway in manufacturing IT. New disruptive technologies are starting to create what many call cyber physical manufacturing or the 4th industrial revolution.

Attracting students to manufacturing and up skilling the manufacturing workforce to make it capable of coping with new market conditions, models, processes and technologies is no longer an option and must become a pillar of modern education and business transformation strategies towards new maturity and standardization levels. 


Organized by Politecnico di Milano, Sintef and sedApta Group, within the context of their engagement in the European Commission funded support actions ManuSkills ( LACE ( and GALA ( the workshop will address advancements in ICT-based manufacturing education, learning analytics and performance support, showcase solutions and offer opportunity for open debate and discussion.

Workshop participation is free by invitation with limited seats available on a first request first confirmation basis. To request a seat please send an email to Marta Fiore ( listing your affiliation, role and contact data, and you will receive a confirmation if seats are still available.

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